dont knwo if any of you know, you most likely will so i thought i would mention it , topher grace has signed to a film called 'cockblockers' with seann william scott, its about tophers character meeting this new girl and the problem is her ex boyfriend (seann william scott) keeps or tries to keep topher away,

its apparently out in 2006 and so far topher grace and seann william scott are the only 2 people to be signed as of yet (according to

hopefully it can come out over here (uk - region 2)

just ordered series 2 of t70's which is cool and the third series is out in the uk in february next year , which i cant wait

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yeah i have only discovered this place today and well i have to admit i havent seen p.s , btu i have seen everything else, i kinda missed him in mona lisa smile, i first properly noticed him in win a date with tad hamilton, i really liekd him in that , and so i realised after looking that he was in mona lisa smile and other things, and i recently got traffic, and have only started watching that 70's show 2 months ago, so im way behind on the topherfest! lol

i will comment again on p.s when i see it
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Topher in P.S.

I just joined a couple of minutes ago, so I thought I'd write in about something regarding Topher Grace. How do other fans feel about the movie P.S. I've seen his others including this one, and felt it was truly his best work. The film was so sensual, so very erotic. Yet it also portrayed a sense of beautiful love between two unlikely lovers. I was thinking how hot it would be to be that teacher getting someone so young and beautiful and open minded, then it occurred that I am actually Topher's age. Generally speaking I find the actors I like to be too young or too old, but never the exact same age as me. Well, anyways. If anyone comes in after to me, I'd just like to see how other fans felt about his movie P.S..
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(no subject)

Anyone need a copy of In Good Company on DVD? I have a copy that I won in a sweepstakes & I'm not really interested in the movie enough to keep it, so I'd like to sell it if possible. Its a promo copy, but it looks to be the same as a regular DVD except theres a sticker over the barcode (I guess it was sent out to reviewers and such), the DVD is still shrinkwrapped and everything. Let me know if you're interested.

If this is too off topic I'll glady delete it. Thanks everyone <3

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I'm a NEWBIE!!!

Hey, I'm a nooblet here... and I am sorta a fan of Topher. Isn't he soooo adorable?!

Anyways, I heard he'll be in the next Spiderman installment with Tobey Maguire. No offense to Topher, but he is so skinny that he motivated Tobey to lose weight and work out more. Have you seen Tobey lately? He's sorta chubby, and since he is THE Spiderman, he HAS to get the spiderman figure for the movie. lol... didnt think Topher would be so much impact on him. Well, this is what I read in the National Enquirer.

haha... I'm just cracking up because I remember a few months ago I saw Topher appear in SNL. he's adorably funny.
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