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dont knwo if any of you know, you most likely will so i thought i would mention it , topher grace has signed to a film called 'cockblockers' with seann william scott, its about tophers character meeting this new girl and the problem is her ex boyfriend (seann william scott) keeps or tries to keep topher away,

its apparently out in 2006 and so far topher grace and seann william scott are the only 2 people to be signed as of yet (according to

hopefully it can come out over here (uk - region 2)

just ordered series 2 of t70's which is cool and the third series is out in the uk in february next year , which i cant wait


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  • (no subject)

    hey everyone!i'm new to this thing, do u know where i could find some that 70s show or topher grace mood themes?? thanks:)

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