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Topher Grace, you're my hero.

I think we need to take you out for some dirty bad fun!

Topher Grace Fans
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This community is dedicated to the talented and completely awesome Topher Grace.

Maintainer: mynameisjonas_


If you're going to post a lot of pictures or a spoiler for That 70's Show, put them behind a LJ-Cut Tag.

We know Topher is hot. That's why this community was started. If you're going to post something, make sure it doesn't only say he's hot.

dUnT tYpE LyKe DiS! oMg! It annoys the hell out of me and we are all literate people.

Respect all members unless they are undeserving of it. I'll be the judge of that if I have to. Opinions are allowed.

And that would be all :)

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