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I'm a NEWBIE!!!

Hey, I'm a nooblet here... and I am sorta a fan of Topher. Isn't he soooo adorable?!

Anyways, I heard he'll be in the next Spiderman installment with Tobey Maguire. No offense to Topher, but he is so skinny that he motivated Tobey to lose weight and work out more. Have you seen Tobey lately? He's sorta chubby, and since he is THE Spiderman, he HAS to get the spiderman figure for the movie. lol... didnt think Topher would be so much impact on him. Well, this is what I read in the National Enquirer.

haha... I'm just cracking up because I remember a few months ago I saw Topher appear in SNL. he's adorably funny.
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